An overview of the demography of workers at maquiladoras

an overview of the demography of workers at maquiladoras Announcement as of november 2006, mexico no longer distinguishes the maquiladora sector for this reason, bls will discontinue the series hourly compensation costs for workers in maquiladora manufacturing export industriesfor more information, see our discontinuation notice.

In mexico , a maquiladora ( spanish pronunciation: ) or maquila ( ipa: ) is a manufacturing operation, where factories import certain material and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis for assembly, processing, or manufacturing and then export the assembled, processed and/or manufactured products, sometimes back to the raw materials' country of origin. In mexico, a maquiladora (spanish pronunciation: poverty is a key factor that motivates women, in particular, to work in maquiladoras the minimum wage set by the mexican government is barely enough to help sustain a family. – a qualitative field study was conducted in uncovering maquiladora workers' “intention to stay” at a particular maquiladora plant semi‐structured interviews with open‐ended questions were used in gathering responses from lower‐level maquiladora workers.

The maquiladora workers of juárez find their voice low pay, abusive conditions, no union representation—employees are fed up and fighting back by david bacon. Get this from a library beautiful flowers of the maquiladora : life histories of women workers in tijuana [norma iglesias prieto] -- published originally as la flor mas bella de la maquiladora, this book is based on interviews the author conducted with more than fifty mexican women who work in the assembly plants along the. 31 maquiladora workers and the turnover environment relatively inexpensive mexican labor and relaxed environmental regulations, combined with the passage of nafta, has fueled the growth of manufacturing facilities in the mexican border region. Maquiladoras arrived in mexico, around three decades ago, as a way to propel economic development and alleviate unemployment, but many concerns have arisen about the environmental and occupational health practices of this type of industry.

Some one million mexicans were employed in 3,700 maquiladoras in december 1997, according to the national maquiladora exporting council (cnime), up dramatically from 330,000 workers and 1,120 plants in 1987. There are more than 2,700 maquiladoras in mexican border states maquiladoras (export-oriented factories) on the border account for about 71 percent of all such factories in mexico the maquiladora industry is a major source of mexico's export earnings. Home » publications » the mexican maquila industry and the environment: an overview of the the purpose of this report is to explore the environmental performance of the maquiladoras in this vulnerable setting, taking into account the specific characteristics of this industry (eg demographic effects on water consumption. This article reports a cross-cultural study of mexican and us leaders in mexican maquiladoras the research builds on relational demography to determine if leader ethnicity, regional mexican culture, and organizational affiliation moderate the impact of leadership behavior on important organizational outcomes. Indeed, as stated in alicia gaspar de alba’s article, the maquiladora murders, the women who were murdered shared many of the same demographics they were slim, short, dark-haired women who had come to juarez to find a job at a maquiladora.

Workers in mexico's maquiladoras (assembly plants) are mainly young, single women, many of whom could benefit from emergency contraceptive pills (ecps) because ecps are readily available in mexico, women who know about the therapy can obtain it easily. However, wages for production workers in both maquiladora and non-maquiladora manufacturing are still below pre-nafta levels some analysts have suggested that, for a variety of reasons, trade increased the demand for highly skilled labor in mexico relative to the demand for less skilled workers [18. Because they are less likely to report workplace abuses and injustices (abell, 1999) findings on the basic demographics of average maquiladora workers report that maquiladora. I survey the literature, which analyzes the relationship between the maquiladora industry and migration in mexico the maquiladora industry is an export processing program, which has grown to become one of mexico’s most important economic activities.

Carmen and lourdes work at maquiladoras just over the border in tijuana, mexico, where each day they confront labor violations, environmental devastation and urban chaos. Workers’ lives by the [mexican] government and the [maquiladora] plant operators haven’t weakened efforts to achieve better conditions, either in the factories or in the communities” along the mexico-us border (bacon 2004, 314. Unions and job queuing in mexico s maquiladoras based on the magnitude of the likelihood ratio statistics, the results suggest that maquiladora employment is characterized by job queuing. Summary: these two clips examine the role of low wage work in the global economy the first clip looks at maquiladoras (multinationally-owned factories operating in tax-free zones in low wage countries) from the documentary maquilapolis (city of factories. A maquiladora in mexico is a factory that operates under preferential tariff programs established and administered by the united states and mexico materials, assembly components, and production equipment used in maquiladoras are allowed to enter mexico duty-free.

an overview of the demography of workers at maquiladoras Announcement as of november 2006, mexico no longer distinguishes the maquiladora sector for this reason, bls will discontinue the series hourly compensation costs for workers in maquiladora manufacturing export industriesfor more information, see our discontinuation notice.

When thinking about the border separating the united states from mexico, what typically comes to mind is an unwelcoming zone with violent, poverty-ridden towns, cities, and maquiladoras on one side and an increasingly militarized network of barriers and surveillance systems on the other. “six years of nafta: a view from inside the maquiladoras,” is the first such report to be developed by maquiladora workers themselves, offering an insider view of changing factory life in the maquiladoras, or foreign-owned assembly plants that line the mexico-us border. An overview of sustainability practices at the maquiladora industry in mexico article (pdf available) in management of environmental quality an international journal 17(4):478-489 january 2006. Immigration's effects on jobs and wages: first principles what impact does immigration have on the us economy economic theory points to possible effects on the employment and wages of domestic workers, us trade with other countries, the size and growth rate of the economy, and the prices that americans pay for goods and services.

The most common relativist school in the maquiladora literature compares maquiladora workers to workers in the service sector, such as restaurants, stores or local manufacturing (balcazar et al, 1995, cravey, 1998, guendelman and silberg, 1993, hovell, 1988, moure-eraso et al, 1997, tiano, 1994, young and fort, 1994. Historical demographic trends in north america (growth of the population changing sex, the united states of america: economic overview: the us has the most powerful, diverse, and technologically advanced economy in the world, with a per capita gdp, the largest among major industrial nations an estimated half of the maquiladora workers.

Maquiladoras in northern mexico are currently plagued by low organizational attachment among production workers workers often feel little psychological commitment to their maquiladora, and turnover rates in the plants average about 10 per cent per month in this study we examine the role that work values play in maquiladora workers' attachment to their organizations. It starts'' women maquila workers in mexico rachael kamel it is 4:00 friday afternoon, the end of the week before holy week, the most important holiday in the mexican calendar a group of 15 women—accompanied by an assortment of husbands and maquiladoras, from a spanish word for sub­. The number of maquiladoras and maquiladora workers has doubled in the past six years electronics is the biggest industry among the maquiladoras, but the factories make everything from auto parts.

An overview of the demography of workers at maquiladoras
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